Inmates are the other prison members in the facility. Different amounts of them are in each prison facility. Items can be bought, sold, and given, and they can ask for a favour. Inmates can be talked to (by left-clicking on them), resulting in an inmate's improved Opinion of you by 1+. They can also be picked up and looted when downed, however this is not accepted by Guards. If an inmate has an opinion of at least 80, the player may recruit that inmate to fight alongside the player and later dismiss them if needed.

NOTE: If an inmate has a higher opinion, he will sell items at a lower price, as well as if he has a lower opinion, he will sell items at a higher price (if he sells something).

Players Edit

There are currently 9 different inmates you can choose to be, those of which are shown below (in Stalag Flucht, Jungle Compound and San Pancho the inmate's outfits will be brown because they wear POW outfits).


Inmate 1 (Rabbit)

The names of the inmates are as follows (from left to right above): Rabbit, Maru, YoungBuck, BaldEagle, OldTimer, Tango, BillyGoat, Lifer, Froseph.

Bugs Edit

Inmates can sometimes be seen stuck in walls. What causes this is unknown. Sometimes they can get stuck going left and right at the same time, causing them to just spin in place.

== , inmates will talk. Some of the quotes include (UNFINISHED, if you could kindly add to the quotes)

Freeroam/When Complimented:

"Move Yourself"

"You played Spud's Quest? Brilliant game"

"I'm told (Inmate Name) Is a snitch."